5318L Mini Monitoring Unit (MMU)5318L - The Next Generation in Monitoring Technology

  • An affordable, intelligent, reliable and practical remote alarm system that can monitor up to 25 dedicated transducers or dry contact (non-powered) binary sense points
  • Incorporates a LAN node, 56K-baud modem and 9600 baud RS-232 serial port for multiple user access communications
  • Can function simultaneously as both a completely stand-alone system and as a satellite to a 5300 host system
  • Flash memory for database programming, alarm history storage and remote system upgrades
  • -48VDC powered – Less than 2.5 Watts of power consumption
  • Menu-driven software simplifies data entry and system operation
  • Compact enclosure occupies only 5 ¼” of vertical wall-mounting space

WINMER'S 5318L MINI MONITORING UNIT (MMU) is a single board designed with an integral Local Area Network (LAN) node, 56K baud internal modem and 9600 baud local port which, in combination with its powerful operating system, provides true multi-user operation. The 5318L incorporates a RISC based programming architecture which provides a true multi-tasking, redundant and highly reliable system operating platform. Incorporating this state of the art technology provides a quantum leap forward in both reliability and functionality over similar systems of this size. The 5318L includes a number of features that are typically found in much larger stand-alone systems, while at the same time because of its compact size, the 5318L MMU provides the most cost-effective method of monitoring as many as 25 standard resistive air pressure transducers, flow transducers, or dry (non-powered) binary contact closures.

Features of the 5318L include an internal LAN node which supports multiple simultaneous access sessions. Additionally the 5318L includes dual port communication via its internal 56K modem and 9600 baud serial port for local system access. All logins are controlled by user configurable (up to 10 character) passwords. For security purposes, unique passwords can be created for each user (or group) and a record of system access activity utilizing these passwords is stored in the 5318ls internal flash memory.

The 5318L can operate completely independently from other monitoring equipment, and can also be used as a satellite in conjunction with any of Sparton's 5300 series of air pressure monitoring systems.

In the 5318L the operating system and all programmed database and alarm history is stored in Flash Memory which eliminates the requirement for an on-board battery to maintain the database programming and all alarm history information. LEDs provide a visual indication of system operation, Power/Status (Watchdog Timer) (Green), Modem Ring Indicator (Red), Modem Off-Hook (Red). The LAN input has LEDs for 10/100 Speed and Activity (both Green) indications.

Product Specifications

Measurement Resolution: .5 PSI for Pressure Transducers

1% of full-scale range for Flow Transducers

Capacity: 25 Deducated Resistive Pressure/Flow Transducers or Dry (No Power Applies) Contact Closures

Average Scan Time: 1.25 Seconds per Point

Communications: 56K Baud Internal Modem (RJ-11)

9600 Baud 8/N/1 Serial Interface (DB9)

LAN (RJ-45) Connection

Power Requirements: -36 to 56 VDC, 50 mAmps maximum operating current

Operating Environment: Temperature: +32°F to +122°F (0°C to +50°C)

Humidity: 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing

Size: Approximately: 9 1/4W x 5 1/4"H x 1 1/8"D (235mmW x 135mmH x 30D)

Weight: Approximately: 1 1/2 Lbs (.7 kg)