Press Release

August 4, 2006

For Immediate Release

Contact: Don Bartrip
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Winmer Technology Obtains Rights to Sparton's Transducer Technology and Will Provide Warranty Technical Support Services

Winmer Technology Innovators, LLC announces that they have obtained the rights to utilize the tooling and processes from Sparton Technology, Inc. for the manufacture of pressure transducers and housings that are used in telecommunications pressure network applications. These transducers are based on the industry standard resistive output (100K to 3.8M) that has proven to be such a reliable and robust product for Sparton Technology, Inc. over the past four decades.

In addition Winmer Technology will also provide Warranty Technical Support for Sparton's air pressure monitoring systems and transducers.

Don Bartrip, (formerly with Sparton Technology, Inc.) and President of Winmer Technology Innovators, LLC, remarks "I am excited to have this opportunity to serve the many customers who have previously purchased these products from Sparton and I look forward to continuing to serve their needs and applications."

For further information about these products, services or the Company please contact Don Bartrip.