Network Compatible Solution for Monitoring Applications





         Plug and Play Replacement for 5318 Units

         25 Dedicated/Binary Inputs

         Satellite or Standalone Operation

         < 5 Watts Power Consumption



Standard Configuration Comes Equipped with:

         56K Modem Access

         Multiple Session LAN Access

         Reliable RISC based Hardware Controller with On-Board Watchdog Circuitry and LED Indicator

         Flash Operating System (with Remote Upgrade Capability)

         Program Data stored in Flash Memory with Redundant Backup File Structure.
(No Battery Required to Maintain Database Integrity)

         Remote Database Saving/Loading via Industry Standard File Transfer Protocol (Kermit)

         Direct Binary Database Import from Existing Sparton Systems - No Translation Program Required

         Menu Driven Operating System Compatible with Existing Sparton Architectures

         Opto Isolated Serial Port (DB-9)